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Caroline de Costa
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RU486 is the drug prescribed for medical abortion. This book deals clearly with the nature and effects of the drug, its risks and the history of its development and use in Europe, the United States and other overseas countries. It recounts the politics and controversy that surrounded its introduction into Australia. It discusses the drug’s possibilities for use in the future – for medical abortion, but also for contraception and for the treatment of endometriosis, fibroids, and cancers of the breast and brain. RU486 is an important drug; RU486 the book is an important reference source for both women and men.

Written by Caroline de Costa, who was closely involved in the campaign to overturn the legislation in the Federal Parliament that allowed Australian women access to the drug, and who is one of only two doctors permitted, at the time of going to press, to prescribe RU486 in Australia.

"The story of RU486 in Australia is a political scandal with a triumphant ending, and Caroline de Costa tells it like it is. I like that about her. She’s brave, she’s honest and she’s the sort of doctor we all want. She took on the system and won; not only for her patients, but all Australian women. Safe abortion is a public health issue and this book is a must read because it blows away the myths and puts everything in perspective."

Sally Cockburn, GP and Media Health Commentator (AKA Dr Feelgood)

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